Wherever there's a need for the best in large flow selector valves, you'll find Feroy Valves on the job. Feroy Company is proud to supply components for the following manufacturers:

The Bombardier BR2000 snow groomer uses a Feroy DSP40-1-O to select between a rear mounted accessory (tiller) and a front mounted snow blower, allowing bi-directional operation. Prior to implementing the DSP40-1-O, selection was made with high-pressure check valves allowing only unidirectional operation.


The Manitowoc, Model 2250 Crawler Crane, uses the Feroy DS100HP-O to divert oil from one pump to two seperate motors within the hoist circuit.


The Simco 5000WS PTO Drill Rig uses a Feroy DSP40-1-O in the hydrostatic circuit allowing the hydrostatic pump to operate more than one function.


Bay Shore Systems Model RX-12X is a low overhead limited access drill rig. It uses a Feroy DSP40-2-A valve in the auger drive circuit. The Feroy series parallel valve allows low speed, high torque in the drill mode and high speed, low torque in the spinoff mode.

Spinoff is the process using centrifugal force to throw the cuttings off the auger after it clears the borehole.


Straightline Manufacturing, Inc. uses the Feroy DSP40-1-C on their Model 2462 Horizonal Directional Drill rig to switch hydrostatic flow from the drill mode to the ground track mode.



Central Mine Equipment Co. uses Feroy series-parallel valves on its 185-hp model CME 50DD Directional Drill.

Feroy DSP40-2-A valves are used in both the rotary drive system and the feed circuit to obtain high speed-low torque and low speed-high torque operating characteristics.

Markey Type DYSF-47 Hawser Winch, used for ship assist and ship docking maneuvers. Winch controls include two ABS certified Feroy DS150-A selector valves for mode selection.