These 2-position, 6-way selector valves are designed to operate either of two separate hydraulic systems, open or closed loop.

To avoid pressure surges, all ports are interconnected during spool movement. In either of the two positions, the spool isolates one circuit from the other.

The valves are made of high-tensile ductile iron and include a heat-treated interchangeable spool lapped to fit the housing. This reduces internal leakage and provides maximum efficiency.

The valves are designed with large flow passages, amply sized for the rated flow, reducing the pressure drop across the valve.


Model PDF STP File Photo
DS70-0 View
DS70-A View
DS70-B View
DS70-C View


Capacity 70 GPM
Max Pressure 3,000 PSI
Connections 1.25 SAE Code 60
Pilot Pressure 180 PSI Minimum
3,000 PSI Maximum
Weight 35 lbs


  • Pilot Operated (0)
  • Spring Offset (A)
  • Manual Rotary Detent (B)
  • Solenoid Operated (C)